Jan 19

If you give a toy a cookie…


They won’t eat it, but then again, neither will you, cause you’ll feel bad about taking it away. It’s the perfect dieting tool.   While I was out n about this afternoon getting groceries, I spotted a new Oreo flavor, Cinnamon … Continue reading

Jan 16

Grand unboxing pt 2- A whole lot of Hoi Hoi


I’m really enjoying getting this backlog unboxed. I thought I had more done, but I guess I hadn’t. Anyways, I managed to get the Phantasy Star Online kits, and Hoi Hoi-san kits unboxed in time for these two to arrive. … Continue reading

Jan 04

The grand unboxing pt.1

Small update, but figured I should make a post while I’m taking a break from photographing and editing things. Went though a partial backlog of kits and got them unboxed. Started off by spinning of Pangya‘s Kooh into her own page, then … Continue reading

Dec 31

Happy New year!

It’s not New Years here yet, but might be by the time I’m finished writing. Hopefully everyone is being safe and responsible tonight. I’d figure I’d toss up my resolutions. There’s the general “get healthy”: given my issues with depression … Continue reading