Apr 13

Tuesday Haul- Chocobots!


I’ve received my second order from Amiami, Hagen No Zista Vol. 3. I’m a pretty big fan of candy sets, which generally come with a ramune flavored candy, or chewing gum. Hagen No Zista is one of the first I’ve … Continue reading

Feb 24

Li lil li!


Li lil li! Cospa’s Phantasy Star Online 2 Lillipan plush has finally arrived! I’m somewhat surprised to be writing this now, as when these little guys were introduced by PSO2’s producer Satoshi Sakai as co-mascots for the title, I hated … Continue reading

Feb 10

Spicy valentines!


So, with a singles awareness day / Valentines coming up, I’ve been in a bit of a mood for some chocolate. Our local Books a Million has had these Tabasco brand spicy chocolates near the┬ácheck out register for a few … Continue reading

Feb 07

Pickin up the bones! (HLJ haul)


    That’s a huge box, isn’t it?. I was so excited to get this box in today, I went outside and to the mailbox three times hoping to catch the postal carrier. Funnily enough, I almost missed her that … Continue reading