Dec 30

Did someone put the Vahi on me?


So, there’s been quite a bit of excitement for the Bionicle relaunch by Lego this year. I’m completely amazed we missed out on this new set among the announcements. Wait, it’s from 2008?! Yep. On the way out of Walmart, I … Continue reading

Dec 19

Bricks and Chips


So, I got out Tuesday and gave in, and took my $9 for the week to buy a few things. So what did I pick up, exactly? A bag of Lay’s Wavy Dark Chocolate Potato Chips, and Lego Chima polybagged set, … Continue reading

Nov 28

11/28/2014 haul

So, I decided to do some spending today. While my housemate went to pay off his TV and Lego movie Bennie’s spaceship spaceship SPACESHIP layaway. I stopped by toys and saw a lonely Blindpack sitting there so I decided to … Continue reading

Nov 27

B-baka… it’s not like I’m thankful or anything!!


(I couldn’t resist.) I know alot of stuff is going down right now, and there’s some folks around who’d prefer that take precedence over celebrating ol’ Turkey Day, or consider it a celebration of a genocide of the native american … Continue reading